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Soft Spike Curlers
The Original Curly Hair Curler

Soft Spike Hair Curlers are the Original self-locking hair curlers. Soft Spikes are designed to handle all types of hair, including heavier locs. Made from a closed cell foam material, Soft Spike Curlers don't absorb moisture or hair products, are easy to clean and will not dry out your hair.

Note: Pink, purple, and teal made from softer foam and may not be suitable for heavier types of hair.

Soft Spike Curlers are specially designed with a self-locking loop that will not slip out after your have set in your curls. What's more, they are soft and smooth, making them easy to sleep in without damaging your hair or causing discomfort.

About Us

Soft Spikes was founded in 1996 and is certified as a Women's Business Enterprise member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council, a national organization of women's based businesses. Soft Spikes is a member of WEV, Women's Economic Ventures of Ventura County, California.

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